Sunday – Worship
Sunday Worship Service
Time: 10am

Children Bible Study
Time: 9:30pm
This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad. Join us every Sunday for an exciting time of loud praises, intimate worship and an in depth study of God’s word. Everyone is welcome.
Monday – Bible Study
Time: 7pm
Develop an intimiate relationship with Christ by spending time in His word. Learn how to apply God’s word to every aspect of your life. Everyone is welcome.
Tuesday – Daniel’s Band
Time: 6pm

A time of worship, prayer and waiting on God for the anointed members of Daniel’s Band.

Wednesday – Shiloh
Time: 6AM to 6PM

From 6AM to 6PM, spend time in God’s presence and present your requests before God and watch miracles happen in your life

General Prayers & Counseling:
Time: 6pm

General prayer and counseling. Everyone welcome!

Friday – Night Service
Night Vigil:
Time: 12 midnight

Where burdens are lifted, strongholds are broken and souls are set free. Join us for an exposive night of prayer and worhsip as we wait on God. Come and recieve your breakthrough!

Music Ministry Rehearsal:
Time: 7pm

Good Womens Ministry Worship Service:
Time: 12noon

Men for Christ Ministry Worship Service:
Time: 6pm

Spending time serving God.

Join us today if you are interested in particpating in the Anointed Voices Choir and Band, The Anointed Church of Christ music ministry.

The 1st Saturday of every month is the Good Womens Ministry worship service.

The 4th Saturday of every month is the Men for Christ Ministry worship service.